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Customer satisfaction is the basis of our business.

The relation between a corporation and its customers should be the kind of cooperative partners rather than a goods-to-money exchange so that both trust and support each other. We truly believe that offering all-round and considerate services is the best way to win customers' trust and support. Therefore, the company is paying great attention to training all people to build up the pre-, mid- and after-sales service consciousness. The training will make every person deeply understand the meaning that service is the life of the company. We expect that our good products and all-round services will not only provide customers a solution to network transmission but also pave a way for them to realize value increment.


GN-LINK guarantee our products are all brand-new?high quality and can complete prearranged function wanted by customer. The technical specification completely meets the stipulated standard.
 Delivery date: in two days after the sign of contract, at latest in 5 work days.
?We supply one-year replacement?three-year repairs and whole-life maintenance, implementing at the use of equipment.
?To help users solve troubles, we fulfill all the business guaranteed and deal with the problems free of charge. 
?We support technical guide to solve malfunction or substitute components, for the responsibility not taken by us. 
?We have after service for 24 hours, promises to supply technical support anytime you call. 
?Deal with the malfunction according to three levels. 

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